What to expect at HICC

We welcome you today as we celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday and hope that you will feel at home in the family of HICC. As you walk through this special occasion with us you will soon discover that HICC is a unique fellowship made up of ordinary people from over forty different nations.

We are a group of people who encounter the love of God through Jesus as we journey through life. Our relationship with Jesus influences every dimension of life. In our marriages, our homes, our work and life in general, Jesus is Lord in everything. He is the one who makes life work the way that God has designed and, like our Queen, we exist to serve the same King she serves. Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. We are proud to have the opportunity of introducing you to Jesus today and our prayer is that you too will discover the most important relationship there can ever be is possible for you. If the Queen needs Jesus to be her King and has pledged her life to His service, then you and I can make the same pledge and make a real difference in our generation.

During the service, you will hear songs that praise the Lord as we worship. There will be a sense of joy and celebration because knowing Jesus makes us the happiest and most satisfied people in the world. You will hear people tell their own story about how they came to personal faith in Jesus and the difference he has made in their lives. A short message will be delivered from the Bible and an opportunity to bring a personal response to Jesus will be given as we pray together. No pressure or persuasion will be applied. Your decisions must be real and from your heart, however, you will be encouraged to take a step of faith because without the exercise of faith we cannot respond to God.

A wonderful team of HICC partners has prepared for your visit. We have been praying for you. Someone will have invited you or even brought you to this special place. It may well be a different type of experience from what you expected ‘Church’ to be, but be assured that everything in the service is in line with the Bible. We hope you will relax, be at peace and be open to what God wants to do in your life.

Finally, we hope that this will be the first of many times you come to HICC and as you see the genuine love of God in the family you will sense the warmth and acceptance from each of us. Thanks for coming. Enjoy the celebration and the food.

May God bless you today.
Pastor Paul & Miriam

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