Love In Action

Easter Egg Gift Programme

We worked with Firm Foundation to distribute Easter Eggs to children who would be without this Easter period. We included a children’s book to share the gospel and light of Jesus.

Food Box Programme

Our mission statement is to express the love of God to everyone in our community by providing those in need with a box of provisions.

In 2016, HICC started a community focused project in providing for those in need in partnership with ‘His Church’. For minimal investment, HICC procures excellent long-life food and supplies that a dedicated in-house team of volunteers turn into ‘Love in Action’ packages that can be distributed to, or by, HICC members for those in need in the local region.

Since establishing the “Love in Action” project, we have further been enhanced by partnering with Tesco via the Fareshare scheme which has now increased our allocation to 3 times a week collection slots providing us with bakery products and vegetables to complement the products we currently give freely without restrictions or criteria to members of the community.

In December 2017, we were invited to come into partnership with City Harvest, a charity organisation that provides its members with food products to help families that are struggling to feed themselves. This new partnership we believe will further enhance and compliment the provisions we are giving out.

We are currently providing for the elderly, the homeless, single parent and families on low income. We have no restrictions or criteria and those receiving our gifts are not limited to just our local community as people have travelled from East and South London to us at Harrow to receive the box when they heard about what we are doing. Since the beginning of 2017, we give out on average between 12 and 15 boxes every week and we open our doors every Wednesday from 10:30am to 1pm for collection at the church building in Harrow.

We will continue to form new partnership with anyone who’s willing to support those in need of food as there are many who go to bed without food so that their children can be fed as testified by a few of our clients. We are honoured to be able to serve our community in love.