Coronavirus Update

This Weeks Schedule

All weekday programmes and scheduled events have been cancelled until further notice. This includes the Discipleship Programme, Prayer Meeting and Kingdom Kiddies.

The general office is also closed until further notice. You can get through to Pastor Paul using our general office phone number.

This Coming Sunday – Friday 20th March

I hope that all in HICC are cooperating with advice that is coming from our government and specialists. The faith we have in God is not blind faith that operates in presumption. Our faith in God does not exempt us from doing what is necessary for the protection of ourselves and others. Let us operate as good citizens and be an example for all.

This Sunday you will be able to visit the HICC website and listen to an encouraging video message from me. I hope that as many as possible will connect in this way. Remember that the Holy Spirit is not restricted by distance because He is in all who have confessed Christ as Saviour.

I have been liaising with other Christian leaders and I want all of us to join with other Church denominations and independent fellowships in a nationwide prayer day this Sunday. If you feel it is right for you to fast and pray then please feel free, but ensure you take into account your medical needs. If you do fast please make sure you drink a lot of fluids and rest. You may need medical advice if you are taking medication as to whether you should fast.

I look forward to continuing to speak into your life and stand with you all believing for God’s intervention in these critical days.

May the Lord be with you.

Pastor Paul

An Update from Pastor Paul – Tuesday 17th March

The world is walking through days that are extremely difficult and which demands that we have great wisdom in how we operate as a fellowship. I want you to know that we as the leadership are praying for you all and believing for God’s protection for the whole HICC family.

We have been in discussion as an EC and continue to talk about the right response and advice to give as we seek to comply with government advice as well as advice from Elim leaders at this time. We will be having further discussion on Wednesday evening and then will be able to guide you. Until then the discipleship programme and this weeks prayer meeting are cancelled.

Please would you use the time to pray and seek God’s intervention and protection.

Here are some guidelines for prayer:

  • Pray for our doctors and nurses and all who are serving in the NHS.
  • Pray for our Prime Minister and our government.
  • Pray that God will speed up the development of a vaccine.
  • Pray that God will bring healing for the sick.
  • Pray for a returning to God and the healing of our nation.

Finally, let me assure you that I am here for you. Sadly I am still not able to drive due to my shoulder injury which occurred on our Baptismal Sunday, however, I want you to have my personal contact details.

Email address: [email protected]

Please pass on these details to those who do not have the technology to receive this message and assure them they are in our prayers.

Finally, claim the promises of God over your life, your family and the fellowship.

I will be in touch once further decisions have been made.

May the Lord brings us through,
Pastor Paul and the EC