We undertake our calling to ‘pastor the people of God’ seriously and have developed caring system to ensure we know if our congregation is sick or in need. If you are a visitor you will have Jenny Yeang looking out for you and also looking after you. We have approximately 70 visitors weekly in HICC, and they are important to us.

After eight weeks if a visitor is still actively attending they are passed on to the New Peoples’ Pastors. If they continue for another eight weeks and wish to join the church they will be passed on to an Area Pastor who supervises their area.

They are given a booklet containing our leadership stance and our responsibility to them and their responsibility to the God and to the local church. They are then called ‘Partners’ rather than members (which suggests a secular club, but they are partners in the gospel).

If they are missing for two weeks an Area pastor will ring to enquire if they are well or in need of help, simply because committed people attend church. We also understand the problems of modern-day life and the pressures that secular work and family life demands, so we gauge our enquiry to the individual. ‘Care’ is a serious word in HICC.